Boat box Scientific Angler USA

  • Boat box Scientific Angler USA

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  •  Boat box Scientific Angler USA 

    If you’ve got a boat, you’ve probably got some streamers and poppers knocking around somewhere on deck. Our Boat Boxes solve all of your on-the-water storage problems. Manufactured of a durable plastic and fitted with slot foam on both the lid and in the interior, the Boat Box is the perfect home for all your articulated streamer and bass popper creations. 

    Spacious interior with slotted foam will handle even the largest streamers and poppers
    Supremely handy slotted foam on the outside allows for quick fly exchanges
    Highly water-resistant closure protects flies from the elements
    Durable sliding latch construction prevents accidental opening

    Dimensions: H27 X W35 X D12 CM

    Weight: 0.975 kg